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Yoga & Music – What’s music got to do with it?


It is said that sound and vibration are energy and we, ourselves, are energy. The human body mostly consists of water, approximately about 50% or even more. Water is the best conductor for music, sound and vibration. Therefore, all these three elements have a very high resonance on us humans and high effect on us.


Mantras and the ancient yogic scriptures are laid out in Sanskrit, the language of yoga. The Sanskrit language has a very special and significant dynamic and frequency, which has a very powerful and healing effect on us. When we chant (sing) mantras, we are able to feel the vibration within us as we chant the Sanskrit sounds. That vibration creates and stirs up energy, which eventually we become aware of and that leads us back to tranquility and quiets the mind.


Yogic music or music in general also uplifts us. When we listen to a mantra or a song that we like it makes us feel good and puts us in an uplifting mood. When we chant kirtan or bhajans or songs together collectively in a group, such as in kirtan or bhajan style, we connect with each other and are able to open our hearts on a deep energetic level.


Live Kirtan Music Concerts/Sessions


You can book Ātmikā for live kirtan music concerts or live kirtan music sessions during a yoga class.


Live Kirtan Music during a yoga class


Live kirtan music in a yoga class creates an absolute different energy and atmosphere. It leads you deeper into your practice as you maybe end up chanting along yourself. This could open up the energetic channels in a much deeper way.


For booking Ātmikā for kirtan music concerts or live kirtan music session during a yoga class, get in touch with her via email. I'm interested

Monthly Kirtan via ZOOM

Every month, on the third Sunday of the month at 19:00 - 20:00h there is a regular kirtan that I'll be leading where we just chant mantras and meditate together. (Optional led in English.)

This session is donation based with minimum 6 EUR.

For current dates please check on the events pages.


Kirtan EN

Live Kirtan Concert in Forster City near San Francisco at Healing Cultures - Trailer// OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA

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"Yani's chanting is uplifting, serene, and engaging. She leads kirtans with poise and grace and her music inspires me to sing, move, and immerse myself deep in a devotional vibration. Yani's voice always seems to transport me to another place—one that is holy, inclusive, and a bit magical. Once I'm there, I rarely want to leave."

- Lauren  


"I found Atmika's chanting irresistible - pure, sweet, engaging. It brought me in as it did all audience members."

- Prema J.

"Every time when Yani is chanting the Ashtanga Yoga Invocation I get goose bumps. This voice full of clarity and power from such a sweet and gentle being! You hear Yani sing and all doubts are vanished. With the power of her voice she brings you directly into the now. Suddenly, all that matters is this moment and everything is fine."

- Julia N.

"When I first heard Yani chant, I was just breathless. I clearly remember it, during our Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in New York 2013, she completely blew me away, her voice has this power and strength yet at the same time such vulnerability and calmness, combined with her presence and warm heart. She is such a yogi super star to me, her dedication to her teachers, students and practice proves that point too, I hold her very close to my heart and wish her nothing but pure goodness and I hope the whole world gets to know her like I did."
- Karo T.
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